Mission…To enhance the quality of life for families through programs reflecting Christian principles to build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Members of the YMCA are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner based on Christian values and the Golden Rule- treat others as you would like them to treat you.

YMCA Rules…

  • To ensure that every YMCA member has a positive experience, please follow the safety rules posted throughout the building.
  • Respect other’s rights to participate in the same area as you.
  • Use appropriate language to avoid offending others.
  • Avoid loud, boisterous behavior that may offend or disturb other members or classes.
  • Have fun, but not at the expense of others.

Membership Code of Conduct…

  • The YMCA will not tolerate those who try to hurt or steal from others.
  • Theft or damage of property belonging to the YMCA or its members will result in criminal prosecution.
  • Smoking or use of any tobacco products is not permitted in the YMCA building or on YMCA grounds.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the YMCA or on YMCA grounds. Persons who appear to be under the influence of alcohol are not allowed in the YMCA.
  • Criminal penalties apply to the possession, use, or sale of drugs and/or weapons. The YMCA will prosecute.
  • Foul language, arguing, fighting, or any type of harassment is not permitted.
  • The YMCA is a neutral zone and will not tolerate gang representation or activity.
  • The YMCA reserves to right to remove anyone from the facility whose behavior or actions is inappropriate or is in violation of the YMCA mission, policy, or usage guidelines.

Children at the YMCA…

  • For their own safety, children under the age of 8 must be under the direct supervision of a parent or adult (over age 18) guardian at all times, unless in a supervised YMCA program.
  • Children ages 5 and under may accompany a parent into opposite sex locker if Family Locker Room is in use and if closely supervised. Those age 8 and up must use the same sex locker room.
  • The YMCA encourages students of all ages to attend school and supports school attendance policies. Any youth enrolled in school (grades K-12) will be admitted to the YMCA facility on school days only outside of regular school hours.
  • Parents are responsible for the actions of their children.

YMCA staff has the authority and discretion to uphold and interpret these guidelines. Violation of the above policies could result in the termination of membership. 


Facility Hours: Reference the front desk and or our dixonymca.org website for current hours as they change seasonally and also with our COVID-19 response.

Membership Cards: Presentation of your YMCA membership card is required for admission and guest registration. Please scan your card at the Welcome Center desk as you enter the YMCA building. Card replacement is $5.00.

Safety: The YMCA strongly recommends that anyone using our facility or entering a program consult with a physician in advance. Members and guests participate at their own risk. We urge all participants to make provisions for insurance coverage with their own personal insurance provider.

YMCA Code of Conduct: Members of all ages are expected to embrace the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, to behave in an appropriate manner, and to follow the Golden Rule…to treat others as you would  like them to treat you. Copies of the board approved Code of Conduct are available at the Welcome Center.

Spa/Whirlpool: Age 16 and up may use these areas. Children under age 16 will not be admitted to these areas. For health reasons, all eligible patrons should limit their stay to 15 minutes maximum. Read all posted signs prior to usage and follow the directions of staff.

Swimming Pool: Proper swimming suit attire must be worn. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool. Open swim is for YMCA members and their registered guests. Each child under age 8 must be under the direct supervision (no more than arms’ length away) of a parent or adult (age 18+), adult lap swim is for members age 14 and up who are swimming laps. Please read the posted pool rules. Swimmers will be tested for deep water readiness. The YMCA lifeguards are on duty for the safety of all patrons. Please follow their directions as their word is final.

Locker Rooms: Always secure your belongings in a locked locker. Never leave valuables unattended or in unlocked lockers. Bring your own padlock and remove items after each visit. No permanent storage is allowed. Children ages 6 and up must use the ‘same gender’ locker room. Special Needs changing rooms may be used for parents accompanying an ‘opposite gender’ preschool child or anyone using our pool who cannot negotiate stairs. All others please use the general locker rooms.